Winter Haven FL Heating Options

Winter Haven FL heat pump repair

Even in Florida’s subtropical climate, the Sunshine State does experience cold weather in the winter that has folks reaching for the thermostat to turn up the heat. Since the cold weather season is typically short and mild, many homes in Florida use electric heat strips for heating while others use a heat pump or furnace, or both. If your heater isn’t providing sufficient heat, Florida Air Express has several heating options that will keep your home warm and comfortable in the winter while keeping your energy bills low too. We service and monitor residents’ air conditioners in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Cypress Gardens, Haines City, Auburndale, Lake Hamilton, Lake Alfred, Bartow, Lake Wales, Wahneta, Dundee, and surrounding communities in Polk County, FL.

heat pump repair in Winter Haven FLElectric Heat Strips

Electric heat strips are a group of metal coils connected to your air conditioning system’s air handler (AHU). When you flip your thermostat to heat, the electricity warms the coils, and your AC’s fan blows the warm air through the ducts in your home. However, heat strips are only designed for short-term use. When cold weather lasts longer than expected or is near or below freezing temperatures, electric strips typically don’t provide enough heat and may even begin to fail. They also use a lot of electricity which increases your electric bill.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a popular, energy-efficient, and affordable heating option in Florida. Unlike electric heat strips, heat pumps condition the outside air to keep your home warm with minimal electricity. They work by removing the heat in the outside air and transferring it back into your home as heat using refrigerant. A heat pump can also be used with your existing heat strips for supplemental heating on those colder days.

Florida Air Express installs Comfortmaker® heat pumps exclusively in Polk County. Between their budget-friendly Performance series and the increased efficiency and Wi-Fi compatible ION series, our trained and knowledgeable professionals will help you select the best Comfortmaker heat pump for your home. In addition, Comfortmaker provides a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty with a no-hassle parts replacement guarantee. Review the Comfortmaker warranty for complete details.

Winter Haven FL furnace repairGas Furnaces

A gas furnace is the most popular home heating option in Florida, especially in Polk County, where many folks often experience prolonged bouts of colder weather. A gas furnace is an energy-efficient heating option that provides continuous heat regardless of the outside air temperature. It operates efficiently in all cold weather conditions, regardless of the outside air temperature. Plus, a gas furnace doesn’t require a backup or supplemental heating source and is also significantly less costly to operate than electricity. Our Comfortmaker® line of gas furnaces offer a wide range of energy-efficient features and options with up to 96% heating efficiency and a generous warranty. Our experienced heating professionals will help you select the Comfortmaker® gas furnace that meets your home heating needs and budget.

Heating Options in Winter Haven FL

If your existing heater isn’t keeping you warm or you want to reduce your heating bills, the heating and cooling specialists at Florida Air Express will help you choose the best heating option for your Florida home. Call us at (863) 229-0137 to schedule an appointment or free estimate today! We also provide 24-hour emergency air conditioning and heating repairs throughout our Polk County service area, including Winter Haven, Lakeland, Auburndale, Lake Wales, Bartow, Lake Hamilton, Cypress Gardens, Dundee, Lake Alfred, Haines City, and Wahneta, FL.