Winter Haven FL AC Repair or Replace?

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One of the most common questions folks in Winter Haven ask AC repair technicians is, “should I replace my air conditioning system?” While there is no absolute answer, the average lifespan of an air conditioning system is 10 to 15 years. However, if your air conditioner is breaking down more often, your energy bills are rising, and it is not keeping your home cool and comfortable, it may be time to consider replacing your AC. At Florida Air Express, we offer a complete diagnostic report that will give you a full picture of your HVAC’s performance which can help determine whether you should repair or replace your A/C.

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Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner In Winter Haven FL

While it’s understandable that you want to maintain your air conditioner for as long as possible, it will eventually get to a point where replacing the air conditioner makes the most financial sense in the long run. Otherwise, you will spend your hard-earned money repairing an AC unit that will ultimately need to be replaced. Here are three signs that will help folks decide when to replace your air conditioning system in Polk County, FL.

1. It’s over ten years old: A new air conditioning system is up to 30% more energy-efficient than units installed in the last 10 to 12 years. They also feature smart thermostats that will help lower energy bills, further helping to offset your investment in an AC replacement. Your local utility may even offer rebates for replacing an older A/C with a new ENERGY STAR A/C system.

2. Higher utility bills: As your air conditioner ages, it operates less efficiently. So, it must work harder and longer to keep your home at the desired thermostat setting, resulting in higher utility bills.

3. More frequent repairs: When your air conditioner is breaking down more frequently and your repairs bills are increasing, it is another sign that it’s time to replace your air conditioner. Instead of spending money on repairs, use it towards the purchase of a new A/C replacement.

new air conditioner installation in Winter Haven FLMaintaining a Comfortable Environment

An important point to consider is that the purpose of your air conditioner is to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. When that is no longer the case, and your AC is struggling to perform, has weak airflow, is blowing room temperature air, or makes loud noises, replacing your air conditioner may be the best option. The trained and knowledgeable air conditioning specialists at FAE provide free in-home consultations to help you choose the best HVAC replacement for your home’s heating and cooling needs. Our Comfortmaker® air conditioning systems are known for delivering optimum energy efficiency with outstanding performance and value. They also have one of the best AC warranties in the business to protect your investment.

Air Conditioning System Replacement

Our NATE-Certified technicians will inspect your existing HVAC system perform a complete diagnostic test to help you determine whether you should repair or replace your air conditioning system. Plus, we are offering free in-home consultations and estimates for homeowners in the Winter Haven, FL area. Financing is also available. Call FAE at (863) 229-0137 to schedule an appointment today!

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