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People across central Florida know how important it is to save money on utilities. Especially during the scorching summer months, many of us find our electric bills more expensive than usual. At Florida Air Express, we understand how important energy savings are for homeowners. We live and work in the same neighborhoods and use the same advice to save money throughout the year. The HVAC system you install as well as how you maintain it can make a big difference in your savings in both the hot and cold weather. Here are the things you should consider when it comes to getting the most out of your home’s HVAC unit.

HVAC Energy Savings, Winter Haven FLEfficiency

Heating and cooling your home efficiently all boils down to what products and services you need to do it. Most homes in the Polk County area are running inefficient units that are decades old. There are no energy savings included in those outdated HVAC models. Chances are you’re also not running the correct tonnage unit for the size of your home. Often, homeowners have a unit far too big or small for the area they are trying to regulate. Energy savings starts with purchasing a system that was made to fit your needs. Once you have the right size unit, your ductwork also needs to be repaired or upgraded. Even a well-running HVAC system will fail when the supporting infrastructure isn’t intact.

When it comes to cooling your home as energy-efficient as possible, a well-balanced and functioning system will deliver all the cool air you need. If there are inconsistencies in your ductwork, cool air from your system will find its way out since it follows the path of least resistance. If you have a room located a long distance from the HVAC’s air handler, the other rooms’ demands may steal the cool air from one area of your home.

HVAC energy savings, Auburndale FLEnergy-Saving Products

FAE only offers the best in energy-saving HVAC systems for our customers. Throughout the past 30 years in the business, we have found that Comfortmaker is the most reliable and energy-efficient brand on the market. They take SEER-ratings seriously for even the more budget-friendly options. SEER (or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings are important because it is the government standard for energy efficiency, but meeting and exceeding them is the goal for cheap HVAC usage. If your current system is old or not running at the SEER rating advertised, it may have been installed the first time incorrectly. Our experts can help get it running back at an energy-saving level. Most Comfortbrand products meet or exceed the minimum standard, and if you need to replace an inefficient unit, they will be the best choice on the market.

Another way to make sure you’re getting the most efficiency and savings out of your home’s HVAC system is by installing Sensi to help track performance 24/7. FAE is one of the few Sensi-certified contractors in Polk County. There are great products on the market to help you with achieving the highest energy savings.

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