New Residents Heating Systems

Are you new to Florida? Especially if you’ve moved from a notoriously cold winter state, you’re probably confused about what to expect come your first Florida winter. The experts at Florida Air Express can help. Our team is local to the area, and we have lived in the Polk County area for decades. We understand exactly what you can expect come wintertime in Central Florida, and we can help you decide what options are best to keep your family comfortable year-round. Here are the things to keep in mind when installing a new furnace or heat pump for your home.

heating options, Haines City FLFlorida Winters

Many people that move to our area from northern states are used to the bitter cold. We know that you don’t want to experience any frigid temperatures inside your home. Although you probably have an idea of what it takes to heat your residence from your personal experience, things work a bit differently when you deal with more mild winters. Often, customers new to the area want to get a system that will heat without any issues. This means you might want to pull out all the stops and get a gas furnace. These systems are often too much power, even for a large home. The FAE team wants you to be prepared for cold weather, but there are ways that we can ensure you’re warm without overdoing it with systems that are far too powerful for the weather we will experience.

Expert Suggestions

You don’t want to be cold or uncomfortable in your new home, and our team wants the same thing. The goal is to make you comfy in your home throughout the year, regardless of the temperature. For the types of winters that happen in central Florida, a heat pump outfitted with heat strips can do a fine job of heating. Heat pumps work to heat in the same way that central air conditioners work to cool a home. Alone, your heat pump can provide you with enough warmth on a typical cooler day, but heat strips will be a good backup. Heat strips will come into play when the heat pump needs to run longer than usual. FAE can also install gas furnaces if you are used to and prefer a more radiant heat. We are experienced in providing both electric and gas heating solutions. You should never attempt to do these yourself; working with a certified and trusted HVAC contractor like FAE can help you save both time and money.

heat pump installation, Lake Wales FLHeat Your New Home

If you have a new home, it is best practice to get a professional opinion on your HVAC unit’s quality and functionality. Our team can help you determine if your home’s existing heater will suffice or if we need to upgrade you to a Comfortmaker unit that is more efficient for your family. Give us a call today at (863) 229-0137 for a free estimate on your heating unit. You can also trust us to advise you on how to heat your home if you’re new to the area. We would like to be your partner in the HVAC industry.