Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Repairing or replacing a faulty air conditioning system can be expensive. This is why periodic checkups and maintenance are highly recommended, especially if you use your A/C to cool down temperature-sensitive products.

Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

Here are the most common A/C problems to watch for:

  • The exterior portion of the A/C is freezing: If you notice that the exterior portion of your A/C is freezing, there are a number of things that can cause it, which includes inadequate refrigerant levels, lackluster airflow, a stuck contactor, and issues with the blower motor or extremely low temperatures outside.
  • The A/C is making unusual noises: A healthy A/C system should be almost silent. If you hear it making noises such as banging, thumping or rattling this means you probably have an issue with either the motor assembly or blower. However, if you detect a clicking sound this means the problem could involve the relay. Hissing sounds are usually a sign of refrigerant leakage, while damaged electrical components will make a buzzing noise. If your fan motor or compressor has malfunctioned, you might hear the sound of screeching.
  • The sensor is faulty: Many modern A/C systems use a thermostat-based sensor, which can be found by its evaporator coil. A thermostat is responsible for measuring evaporator coil air temperature and will make cooling adjustments depending on room conditions. However, should a sensor get forced from its position, your A/C system might begin turning off and on randomly, or cycling continuously.
  • Electronic control failure: Activating and deactivating your A/C unit too frequently may wear out both the compressor and fan controls. Since the blower motor, fan motor and compressor all form electrical connections, a connection issue can ensue which prevents the compressor or motor from coming on.
  • Refrigerant leakage: If the coolant within the A/C system begins leaking, its temperature will fluctuate, which inhibits system performance. Leakage is caused by things such as excessive power consumption, uneven cooling, a faulty compressor and coil freezing.
  • Drainage issues: A/C units use drain pipes that may get clogged with dirt, dust or algae. This will prevent the water from draining correctly, which can lead to an onset of mildew, fungus or mold. This in turn will lead to the development of gases and an unpleasant odor that can enter your residence.
  • The evaporator coil is frozen: Evaporator coils will often freeze if the A/C doesn’t get adequate air. Other factors that can lead to evaporator coil freezing include blocked ducts or vents, a malfunctioning fan or dirty filters.

Why Choose Florida Air Express for Air Conditioning Servicing?

With over 30 years of experience in the residential and commercial sectors, this makes Florida Air Express one of the state’s most experienced A/C service providers. After scheduling an appointment with one of our technicians they will visit your residence or business to inspect the machine and determine the problem. If the A/C isn’t turning on at all, they will start by reviewing the thermostat batteries and replace them if needed. They will also check your thermostat settings, the circuit breaker and more.

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