HVAC Diagnostic Report

One thing that sets Florida Air Express apart from other HVAC companies is that we really care about your system’s quality. Keeping your home comfortable with a central air system all year long is our goal, although we see more than enough summer humidity across Polk County. If you call us out to your home, you will receive full-scale assistance in the form of our Full Diagnostic Report. This is a service that is unique to our company. It was developed by our owner. He grew up in the heating and cooling business and worked in the industry himself for over 30 years. He found that there was a significant piece missing in the repair puzzle. Technicians would come out and repair small parts without looking at the integrity of an entire system. Therefore, homeowners end paying more money to have repeated visits that could have been avoided. This is just putting a band aid on a bigger problem. Sometimes there may be a problem with the coils or with the condenser, but the other companies will just fix the surface-level issues and look no farther.

expert HVAC technicians, Polk County FLGetting a complete picture of a unit and its parts is critical to how your HVAC technician should proceed with repairs. When you call FAE, you can be assured that when we come out you will learn all about the condition of your system. You get more than just the typical repair, instead you get basically a report card on the quality of your AC unit.

The Full Diagnostic Report

A well-balanced and functioning HVAC system will deliver all the cooling and heating that you need. You shouldn’t have to supplement your existing unit with any portable options. If you find yourself running your unit and adding window air conditioning or a portable heater, it is time to call in an experienced technician. Every call to FAE comes with a complimentary Full Diagnostic Report. This report gives you the important information about the functionality of your system and we can tell you what the actual SEER rating is for your air conditioner and compare that to what it really should be. Along with the SEER rating, your report will include the following:

1. Static pressure check inside the ductwork
2. Freon level check (too little or too much can drastically effect performance)
3. Voltage readings on both the air handler and condenser
4. Cubic Foot per Minute (CFM) Cooled reading
5. Visual inspection both inside and out with photo documentation included

Your technician will provide you with the report and go over the information with you to make sure you have a full understanding of your HVAC performance. FAE wants to collaborate with you on your HVAC needs. We can weigh the pros and cons of repair or replace your unit together.

HVAC diagnostic report, Polk County FLYour Hometown Air Conditioning Experts

Florida Air Express isn’t your typical HVAC company. Our team lives and works right here in the community. We are your neighbors, and we want to show you what an HVAC partnership is. Give us a call today at (863) 229-0137 for a free estimate and to book your Full Diagnostic Report. Or contact our air conditioning professionals from our website.