Heating Systems

Even though we are in Florida, there are occasions throughout the year where you may want to knock the chill out of your home. Heaters don’t get much run time as your air conditioner will in Polk County, but you should still have a plan for when the temperatures drop late in the year. Florida Air Express isn’t just your neighborhood air conditioning expert; we can keep your home comfortable throughout the winter as well. Here are the ways that we can help you achieve comfort year-round.

heat pump repair in floridaHeating System Options

Unlike most states to the north, we don’t heat our home with gas as often. Some customers may purchase furnaces for heating, but that isn’t really necessary for the temperatures we see and the length of time we see them. Heating your home can be suitably accomplished with a heat pump installation. FAE can install a heat pump that is both energy efficient and appropriate for the size of your home. If you think of the way an air conditioner works, a heat pump is the same concept. When temperatures are cold, the heat strips help the heat pump regulate your home’s comfort level. Heat strips come on for three main reasons: longer than usual run times, increased demand during cold spells, and to defrost the heat pump.

We can also install a gas furnace if you prefer a radiant heating option. If you’re unsure of what can work best for you, one of our expert team members would be glad to walk you through the process.

Repair and Installation

Like our full-scale air conditioning installations, we give just as much attention to connecting your heat pump and gas furnace. We can help you repair or upgrade your unit. Typically, if your air conditioner is old, your heating system will be too. We suggest getting them upgraded around the same time to be as energy-efficient as possible throughout the year. We offer heat pump upgrades regardless of the time of year. If you’re renovating your home, consider installing a new Air Conditioning system at the same time.

If you’re interested in upgrading your heating system to a furnace, we recommend the Comfortmaker brand. We exclusively work with this brand because of the exceptional quality and warranty options. They offer three furnace lines, including the premium ion series, the standard QuietComfort series, and the value Performance series. Depending on your budget and your home’s size, we can pick a new furnace that’s perfect for your family.

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Get a Heating Solution

No two homes will have the exact heating needs. Only an HVAC professional can determine what works best. With over 30 years in the HVAC business, the Florida Air Express owner knows how to install your heat pump or new furnace expertly and how to maintain it for years to come. Give us a call today at (863) 229-0137 for a free estimate on residential heating solutions. We are local to Winter Haven, Bartow, Lakeland and the entire Polk County area.