Heating Units – Heat Pumps

If you’re getting ready to upgrade your HVAC system, you’re probably familiar with gas furnace and electric heating options, but heat pumps are becoming more popular. These are especially useful for Florida Air Express customers because we don’t see harsh winters like those in the north. Although you may spend most of your attention thinking of ways to keep your home cool in our humid climate, there should still be a plan in place for colder months (even if only short-lived). With over 30 years of HVAC experience, our team is ready to help you make the best decision for your family.

Understanding Heat Pumps

heat pump service, Lakeland FLA heat pump is an HVAC system component that is installed outside of your home. This is similar to how your air conditioner works, and it does the same process to heat your home. Heat pumps are electric-powered and use refrigerants to transfer heat. When temperatures are cold, the heat strips help the heat pump regulate your home’s comfort level. These can be especially useful when you’re looking to be as efficient as possible and save money on your utility bill. Heat pumps also get a little extra help from heat strips. Heat strips are installed as a part of the overall heat pump unit to back it up when it needs more heating capacity. Heat strips are needed during more prolonged than usual run times on your heat pump, increased demand during cold spells, and when the heat pump needs defrosting. By outfitting your pump with heating strips, we can prepare for any drop in temperature, even for an extended time.

Expert Heating Service

heat pump installation, Lake Wales FLWhen it comes to heating expertise in the Polk County area, you don’t want to leave your installation to a company that doesn’t understand our local climate. The short-lived cold spells and humidity mean that you will have a different upgrade/installation process than customers in other Florida areas. HVAC heating systems is never a one size fits all approach. You need to work with a heating and cooling contractor that understands how Florida weather ebbs and flows. The FAE team can help set up your heat pump and strips so that they are ready to go when temperatures get chilly. If you want to be sure you have enough heating capacity, heat pump systems can work well for this reason. FAE can also install a separate gas furnace for those who want to be warm on the coldest of days in the winter.

We offer year-round heat pump repair as well. When you call us out to take a look at your heating unit, you will receive the same full hvac diagnostic report for your heating system that you would on your air conditioner.

If you’re ready to learn more about the options you have to heat your home or need a professional to take a look at your current system, give Florida Air Express a call today at (863) 229-0137. We offer free estimates to our neighbors in Winter Haven, Lakeland, Bartow, and other areas around Pol County.