Heating Expert

While Southern Florida is warm for most of the year, those that live in Central Florida will need a good heating system, since temperatures there during winter can drop to below freezing. The good news is that there are multiple options available when it comes to heating your home.

About Our Heating Solutions

The most popular heating solutions in Central Florida include heat pumps, strips, or a gas furnace. Your budget and property’s size will determine which option is best. Since residential heating tends to be a substantial investment, we recommend consulting with our team to determine which course of action you should take.

What Heating Options Are Available?

Below is an overview of the most commonly used heating systems in Central Florida:

  • Gas Furnaces: These furnaces use natural gas as fuel since it is affordable, clean and highly efficient. It can also reduce your monthly power bill and its installation can increase the property value of your home. Not only does natural gas tend to be more affordable than electricity, the heat will also warm up your house faster. Many environmentally conscious homeowners love natural gas because it burns cleanly. Experts state that it is far less damaging to the environment when compared to wood, electricity, or oil and fossil fuels.
  • Heat Strips and Pumps: Heat pumps operate by extracting heat from the surrounding air which is then pumped into your residence. Instead of generating heat like a furnace, it will transfer and move it, which makes such systems very energy efficient. The majority of heat pumps incorporate a component called the heat strip, which is made with standard technology. They consist of coils that produce heat whenever electricity moves through them. Once the system fan blows air across, the strips will then distribute the heat throughout your property.

Heat strips by themselves are not as energy efficient as heat pumps, which is one of the reasons why they are combined with the pumps for emergency or auxiliary use. Should the temperatures drop substantially, there probably won’t be enough external air for the pump to work with, which means the strips will then be activated which will provide your family with the necessary supplemental heat.

Why Choose Florida Air Express’ Heating Experts?

We have extensive knowledge of both heat pumps and gas furnaces and can install both. Gas furnaces are an excellent option for homeowners that prefer radiant heat. If you have an existing furnace that is over a decade old, we highly recommend upgrading to a newer model, since they are more energy-efficient and will provide superior indoor air quality while keeping your monthly power bill under control.

Heat strips function in a manner that is similar to portable space heaters. Their wire coils will heat up the surrounding air and we can install them within your existing air conditioning unit. Once they warm up and the A/C fan blows the air on them, this heated air will be transferred throughout the ducts and into your home.

To learn more about our heating expertise, contact us today!