HVAC Follow Up Service

Florida Air Express won’t just install a new unit or repair it and hit the road. Any time we come out to your home, we will help you create a plan for eliminating emergencies in your unit going forward. We don’t want your business for just one day; we hope to be your long-term HVAC partner. From Winter Haven to Lake Alford, our technicians schedule follow-up inspections and services depending on your HVAC needs. The goal is never to do emergency repairs to fix your air conditioner or heat pump. The goal is to proactively schedule maintenance plans that will help you save time and money before you have a problem to fix!

expert HVAC service in Polk County FLExpert Advice

Our team will never put a “band-aid” repair on any heating and cooling issues you’re having. We want to solve the entire problem (no matter how complex) and make follow-up service appointments to keep your unit working at the level it’s supposed to. Experts like us recommend at least two service calls per year for regular maintenance. The first time we come out, we will perform our Full Diagnostic Report. This is a unique offering that you won’t find with any other HVAC companies in the Polk County area. The Full Diagnostic Report gives you essential information about your system’s functionality. Your technician can tell you the actual SEER rating for your air conditioner and compare it to what it really should be. Along with the SEER rating, your report will include the following:

1. Static pressure check inside the ductwork
2. Freon level check (too little or too much can drastically affect performance)
3. Voltage readings on both the air handler and condenser
4. Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) Cooled reading
5. Visual inspection both inside and out with photo documentation included

Your technician will provide you with the report and go over the information to ensure you have a complete understanding of your HVAC performance.

HVAC installation, lakeland flNew Installations

If we find indicators that a new unit is a better option during one of your two yearly maintenance calls, we will be honest with you. FAE technicians aren’t here to upsell you on any services or central heat and air systems, but often older units need to be replaced to get your home as comfortable as possible. Every new installation through our company will include a service agreement. This service agreement is in place to guarantee that your unit operates as it should for many years to come. If your new unit is Comfortmaker brand, you will have a warranty through their company as well as Florida Air Express. If you don’t keep up with the scheduled maintenance, though, you will void these warranties. There’s no reason not to work with us on your follow-up service. While things are working well for your HVAC system, let’s keep it that way.

Hire the Best

If you’re ready to get a new HVAC unit or need a reliable and local company for repairs, give Florida Air Express a call today at (863) 229-0137.