Central Air Conditioning

In Florida, it is important to have an efficient central air conditioning system to make it through the harsh summer heat. Our goal at Florida Air Express is to provide you with a system that efficiently cools your home or business while making your utility bills as efficient as possible. By far, with the climate we face, central air conditioning systems are much more effective in cooling to your desired level. A lot of the time we find customers have purchased units that are either too big for the space they are cooling, or not big enough. Hitting that perfect cooling spot is often hard to do if you are a novice HVAC technician, that’s why working with our team is so important. You need to understand how central air systems work before you choose the right option for your particular needs. Many homes throughout Polk County are running on old, inefficient systems. Purchasing a new system and having it installed with FAE will increase cooling and use far less energy than older air conditioning units.

Understanding Central Air Conditioners

Central Air Conditioning service in Polk County FLAt FAE, we know that the level of knowledge needed to install the correct system for a home or business doesn’t happen overnight. Our over 30 years of HVAC experience has allowed us to provide expert advice when it comes to the installation of the best systems for your home or business. Your central Air Conditioning works just like a refrigerator. It accomplishes cooling by a series of air ducts strategically placed throughout the home, building, or office. Central air conditioners have coils and tubes that allow the refrigerant to change from liquid to gas and back as needed to cool. Many central units also provide heat during the winter. Understanding these basics will help you during repairs and installations.

Our Products

Because of the amazing quality and warranty received when using Comfortmaker brand, we exclusively offer these products to our clients throughout Winter Haven, Bartow, Lake Alfred, and all of Polk County. All new Air Conditioning systems carry a 10-year warranty so you can feel confident you’re receiving the best option on the market. Comfortmaker offers a range of quiet, efficient, and economical air conditioners. With all of the available options, we are sure to find something that works for your budget and size requirements.

Central Air Conditioning System In Lakeland FLThe Florida Air Express Difference

Not only do you receive a product warranty when you purchase a Comfortmaker central air system, but there are also additional perks when you work with the FAE team. We pride ourselves on being your local Air Conditioning experts. You will be offered an annual service plan for your new unit that includes two visits per year and discounted services and parts when air conditioning repairs are needed. The most important thing though is that you must work with our team to maintain a schedule when it comes to your repairs.

Upon every service visit, we provide a complimentary full diagnostic report so that you are aware of your full system performance and energy use. This full report is imperative to getting the most out of
each FAE visit.

Call us today at (863) 229-0137 to get a free estimate on a new central air conditioning system. We also offer financing plans for our products and services. We want to help you get the most value and cooling out of your central Air Conditioning.